Bushnell 10x25mm Imageview Binoculars

While the selection of the camera binoculars expands in the market there are always binoculars which are available that have a very good binocular specification and an equally good digital camera alongside.

One such from the Bushnell stable is the Bushnell 10x25mm Imageview Binoculars

The main feature of this Bushnell binocular is the 10x25mm specification and that will mean 10x magnification and the objective lens diameter of 25mm. This is absolutely very good specification as far the magnification goes. The digital camera that it has is the .35 megapixel camera. The camera magnification is 8x.

Some of the main specifications of the 10×25 Imageview binoculars with the digital camera are

10x magnification

Fully coated lenses

8MB internal memory.

Fold down rubber cups.

Eye relief – 10mm

Bushnell 10x25mm Imageview Binoculars

The resolution of these pictures is

Again as with the 7x18mm pocket digital camera binoculars these are very compact and are a value for money.

A couple of drawbacks are that this does not have a digital memory card slot which means that you have to rely on the internal memory and that can carry only about 150 pictures based on the resolution.

If you need the camera to have more pictures then I will suggest buying more expensive cameras which at least does have a memory card slot.

As far as the usability is concerned you will need to make sure that the camera is not shaky.

Initially that will happen and it will take a while before you get into the habit of holding the camera steady.0020

Bushnell range of 10x25mm Imageview binoculars have also other models such as the

10x 25mm 11-1026 VGA as well as the 10x 25mm 11-1211VGA .


The handling of the computer and the digital camera interface is a tough game as you will need to load the drivers onto the PC and then have the PC recognize the camera. It is not as smooth as it can be hence a lot of people do not prefer this.

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