Celestron Spotting Scopes review

A spotting scope is an optical telescope that is engineered for viewing things on earth rather than in space.  Specifically, it is used for sighting on a firearm, as in hunting or target practice.  If you are a hunter or sport shooter, an excellent brand of scope to investigate is Celestron.  Celestron has several different types of spotting scopes.  These various scopes include the electric zoom, the Regal F-ED series, the zoom refactor series, the Ultima ED refractor series, the Ultima refractor series, the Mini-MAK series, the MAK series, the C5 spotter and the digital spotting scope.

One might ask how in the world one chooses between the diverse kinds of scopes.  There is such a wide variety to choose from.  Luckily, there are several factors that the prospective buyer can work through to determine the right fit for him or her.  One criterion is the diameter of the objective lens.  The wider the diameter is, the more light it can take it, which makes for a better image.  Also, magnification is very important, but there is a limit to how far one can increase the overall magnification.  Briefly, it is also important for consumers to investigate the focal length, the near focus, the field of view, the focal ratio (or photographic speed), exit pupil, eye relief, coatings, portability, versatility and construction.    There are three main methods of use for a Celestron spotting scope.  That is as a telephoto lens on a 35mm SLR camera, a telescope, and for terrestrial viewing.

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Celestron is one of the best optical companies in the world and their spotting scopes, among all their other products, consistently receive top reviews.  For example, the Ultima is known for clarity of imagery as well as durability.  One model of this sub-brand has a sight tube, which allows in a specialized fashion for very quick targeting, which is quite popular out in the wild.  This spotting scope, like most others, comes with a soft case for carrying and protection.  The soft case makes it easier to carry around.  Coincidentally, this spotting scope is waterproof and is less than two hundred dollars, so there is a lot of quality here for not a lot of money.  The most advanced of all the Celestron spotting scopes is another model of Ultima zoom.  Reviews on this model commend it for its ease of use when it comes to wildlife study as well as shooting targets with your camera while the targets are moving and a high speed.  Amazingly, this scope, at its most advanced, is still less than three hundred dollars.

Ultimately there are many options when it comes to purchasing a spotting scope from Celestron and it is very important to do your research. However, there is no doubt that whatever you decide to purchase; it will be a quality product from a top rated company with a reputation for excellence. 

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