Digital camera binoculars reviews

Digital camera binoculars as the name suggests are those binoculars that have the ability to get you that magnified image as well as then you can get a photograph of that object that you are viewing in your built in digital camera.

In fact the experts have a varied opinion when it comes to the quality of the photos taken by the binoculars with a built in digital camera. The best thing to do is to buy a separate pair of binoculars and a separate high zoom digital camera.

Important Specifications for digital camera binoculars

Tripod Socket – To remove that shake which can disturb a digital photo.

Slot for SD card – To get more picture and videos you can use this slot to get additional memory. Another type of memory cards are the MMC cards. You will need to have the memory card adapters to read these.

Built in video with or without instant replay feature – This is a must as it will help you get some amount of video footage

Number of still photos that can be taken at a time

LCD display – This is a good feature to have so that you can easily see what kind of picture you have shot.


Digital zoom and The optical Zoom.

When you are using the binoculars with digital cameras built in it is always going to be tough to have that perfect digital zoom of the camera and the optical zoom of the binos. If you are using the digital camera with binoculars primarily for taking pictures then I would suggest you to rethink and buy a good digital zoom camera. You can get some good high zoom cameras which will easily beat the built in digital camera of the binoculars.

A point to note here is that most of the cameras that are out there in the market have really low resolution. There are two types of resolution and that is the VGA. VGA resolution is less than 1 mega pixels.

Digital Camera Binoculars

Another major point to understand is that most of the digital cameras have a different focus than a binocular focus. That will mean that when you see the object via the binocular it will appear very bright and sharp but when the picture comes out it may not be as sharp as you thought it will be because of the fact that the digital cameras have a different focus than the binocular focus. It is better to have binos which will allow close focus (usually 11 feet)


Make sure that you check the specifications as a lot of camera binoculars have the optical resolution as well as the interpolated resolution listed. Always check the optical resolution for the camera. That is the correct way as opposed to the interpolated one. A lot of budget camera binoculars have a very very low resolution and also they have BAk-7 glass which is definitely not good for the purpose of viewing. A lot of them do not have a tripod stand (which will mean that you just cannot avoid a shake while taking the pics) and also these low end budget camera binoculars do not have a memory card slot. (That will mean that you cannot take more photographs or add additional capacity).

Always get the BaK-4 glass and binoculars with fully multicoated lens


Magnification of the binoculars with digital camera

Magnification of the camera binoculars is very important as that will mean that anything above 8 will be heavier and hence will not produce good pictures because of the shake. Use of tripods is a must.

Another thing that you can think of looking at is the digital spotting scopes. These have more magnification than the binoculars but have less magnification than the telescopes.

More on this topic later.


  1. Always make sure that you save your photographs on the SD memory card or the MMC card. If you do not have one then download all the photographs onto your computer to save them in case of a battery change of the camera.
  2. Alkaline AAA batteries or the Lithium AAA batteries can be used.
  3. Use a good photo editing software on the PC.


Top Brands  for digital camera binoculars

As far the best brands for digital camera binoculars are concerned the Bushnell products are definitely the best

  • Bushnell Compact 8×30 Instant Replay
  • Bushnell 10×25 ImageView Digital Binoculars Camera
  • Bushnell ImageView 8x30mm 3.2MP Digital Imaging Binoculars
  • Bushnell 5MP Sync Focus Digital Cameras Binocular from Instant Replay Series
  • Bushnell Image Capture 7×18 Pocket Imageview Binoculars
  • Bushnell VGA 10×25 Outdoor Imageview Digital Binoculars w/ Inset LCD
  • Bushnell ImageView 8x30mm 2.1MP Digital Imaging Binoculars
  • Bushnell InstantReplay 10×25 LCD Digital binoculars Cameras
  • Bushnell Instant Replay 8×30 Binocular with 5MP Camera


    Bushnell 10 x 25 Binocular with VGA Camera with inset LCD slot

    Bushnell Image View 8×30 Roof Prism Binocular with 2.1MP Digital Still Camera

    Bushnell ImageView 8×30 2.1MP LCD Digital Camera Binocular


    • Celestron Vistapix 8×32 3.1 megapixel digital camera with LCD screen.

    I will be reviewing each one of these binoculars in details in my subsequent posts. Stay tuned

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