Gitzo GT 1531 Tripod – Mountaineer 6X Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs Review – Is it good for travel ?

Currently in the middle of December month and I really wanted something for my trip to China. Of course, that was a business trip. My first ever to China and I was there to stay for one month. I had heard and seen some great things about the China including the photo opportunities. No sorry, I never looked around for good hunting opportunities given the local laws involved so it is better to stick to photography.

My hunting optics are definitely there but my photography arsenal is very limited so I decided to buy three things which are a must and those are the

Best point and shoot digital camera for that happy photography sessions in the office or the city

A GT 1531 tripod – Something needed for a very good photographs.

The best dslr camera for beginners. Ok I will explain why I wanted the dslr for beginners. I am a newbie when it comes to photography and on top of it I do not want to carry and ex[pensive dslr camera to a new place.

So here I go shopping for the tripod and all along all the experts that I  conferred with said that told that I would need the best tripod and that is the the Gitzo carbon fiber.

Gitzo 1531T carbob fiber tripod

There are series of these Gitzo 1531 and the one I wanted was the Series 1 as it is easy for people on the move. If you need the some more sturdy ones the then go for GT2541 which is a Series 2.

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Best use

As I read the manual it said that it perfect for the DSLR’s 135mm lenses and MiniDv systems. Some say it is good for spotting scopes also however I have my doubts on that one especially the heavy sporting scope like the Pentax PF – 80ED A.

The max load that this one can afford is 17lbs. They also claim to have the G-lock which means that the heavier the weight you put on the tripod the more effective the lock becomes. It is basically a gravity lock. I think this is a good feature to have.

The one I am looking for is a 3-section tripod. Now you can even go for a four section one if you feel that packing would be an issue and also you need to have several heights while getting the photographs. I will see how the 3-section goes. I think I will be fine with a 3 –section one.


Lightweight, no doubt and the carbon fiber pioneer for tripods.

Screw locks which work smoothly

The central column is removable. The central column adjustment is sturdy and it is no doubt very easy to operate.

I liked the anti-leg rotation feature is helpful to give the model its rigidity and robustness.


The price is quite high for a tripod however given that it is the best in class I am sure I will buy this. So far, I have not heard any negative reviews on this one. I already own a spotting scope tripod however this one is for my camera shoots.

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