Pentax PF – 80ED A, 80mm Water & Fogproof Spotting Scope w/ 45 Degree review

I was really sceptical about this one as the cost is huge however given the fact that it is Pentax I was sure about the quality for sure.

Some of the things that I liked was

1)     That special SMC multi-coating.

2)     I definitely liked the grip and the strong construction .

3)     As I said for the price of this it is an amazing piece of scope and much better than at the price then you would have paid for the similar Leica or Swarovski.

4)     The images are the best even at 500 yards range

5)     The best part is that you will be able to use any 1.25” eyepiece with this and make this into a wonderful scope.

6)     The biggest advantage of owning this is the flexibility of using anyone of the eyepieces. If you compared that with Bushnell which only uses standard eyepieces from Bushnell. Pentax PF 80 ED-A

7)     The 80mm lens is definitely far better than that 65mm one and which translated in better and brighter image quality.

8) Some of things that you can remember are that if you need have some less heavy then within the Pentax it is better to go for PF-65.



See the best prices on the Pentax 80 ED


Something for the people who wear eyeglasses

Pentax scopes work with standard 1.25” eyepieces and hence I prefer Pentax. So for people like me who have eyeglasses buying a 20mm eyepieces is easier


Tips to remember:

While using the big heavy Pentax is that you will definitely need to use a good tripod stand.  This scope has a rotating tripod collar for adjusting the scopes.

This Angled one is much heavier than the regular straight Pentax.

Lenses to use

For this special piece of equipment to work make sure that you buy any on the below eyepieces.

SMC zoom, XW7, XW10 and XW14 eyepieces. Again I suggest it is better to use a Pentax eyepiece on a Pentax for the best results however it even works better other brand eyepieces.

Negatives on this one

Well if you are one of those who will go for long hikes and will like to carry a scope then this one is not for you. It is heavy no doubt.

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