Quick release rifle scope mounts –An Introduction

Well if you are looking for the best quick release mounts then go for the Leupold quick release ones. They are definitely the best in the optics world.

Finish – These have very good matte finish and a very good construction to boot. With these you can very easily remove a scope and then again reattach to the mount with relative ease and also the same setting as before.

Tip : It is always better to go for the best scopes and the rings form the same company else there can be issues with the ease of mounting and the compatibility.

The brands which are there are

Browning Riflecsope mounts

Leupold Riflescope mounts  – I like the Leupold QRW mounts the best given the fact they are  a breeze to use and they are definitely the best ones if you like me have the urge the rifle scopes.

NightForce riflescope mounts

Vortex riflescope mounts

Quick release scope mounts


Mounting system – What is needed.

The mounting system on a riflescope is a must so as to use the riflescope properly and even more important is to understand how the total mounting system works.

Let us understand the importance of the scope mounts. You can have the best of the rifle for shooting however is the scope is not mounted correctly chances are that you will either not fire properly or even if you fire properly there are chances that the alignment is not that great.

Tip : make sure that the installation of the rings and the bases is done by a professional as opposed to you doing it yourself and the reason being that it can be dangerous and can also harm the rifle. Yes there is a cost attached to it however that price to a professional gunsmith is worth to pay rather see you getting the ammo damaged.


Types of mounts

There are several styles of mounting systems that are available nowadays and these are

Weaver style mount system – This systems has flat rails and has crosswide slots in them for ease of use. The best thing about these is that you can Weaver bases and the Weaver rings and you can very easily remove the rings eve with scope attached. That helps as then you can also easily slip on the rings.

Picatinny Rail System – This is similar to Weaver with the only difference being that it generally does not have the same width of the cross cuts on the rails.

Leupold style mounts – These are among the best in the class with special rings used for ease of mounting and the second of the ring is detachable.

Clamp-on mounts – The clamp on mounts do not require special mounting and they are as the name suggests are the clamp on mounts.

Material Used – The material used in the scope mounts is steel and that is the best . You can go for aluminum ones but they are not as reliable as the steel ones.

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